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In the complex landscape of electronic component procurement, unpredictable challenges are not uncommon. Despite the most careful planning, unexpected situations, whether due to complications at the manufacturer, supply chain interruptions, or market changes, can lead to bottlenecks that in extreme cases result in production interruptions.

In such critical phases, SAND & SILICON stands ready as your reliable partner. Thanks to our expertise and our global supplier network, we can react quickly and efficiently to bottleneck situations. Our proven procedures and extensive sourcing options enable us to quickly perform a market availability analysis and thus either provide you with the components you need or present you with well-founded solution proposals such as alternative components.

Cost Saving

In the dynamic world of electronic procurement, SAND & SILICON is your reliable partner.
Our expertise in optimizing electronic component supply chains enables us not only to minimize your procurement risk, but also to significantly reduce your purchasing costs. We offer a comprehensive service ranging from expanding your supplier network to ensuring the availability of hard-to-find components. Our focus is always on maximizing the efficiency of your procurement processes and thus achieving significant cost savings for your company. In summary:
One Partner - Global Pricing.


At SAND & SILICON, we specifically support you in the challenge of discontinuing electronic components. This is of utmost importance to minimize procurement risks and to manage costs efficiently. Our service offers in-depth market analysis and data comparison, supported by an extensive international data pool. Our global network makes it possible to analyze information on these discontinued components in a targeted manner and according to your needs.

Using state-of-the-art analysis techniques, we generate well-founded market forecasts, especially with regard to obsolete components. In doing so, we coordinate the anticipated total demand to ensure a continuous supply. If required, we also take over the storage of these special items and guarantee on-time delivery.


Excessive inventories can put a significant strain on both operational capacity and financial resources. At SAND & SILICON, we recognize the importance of efficient inventory management and offer customized solutions for reducing excess inventory with our specialized "Green Excess" service. At the heart of our service is the linking of companies with excess inventories and companies with a need for specific components. This strategic link enables manufacturers to produce only the quantities that are really needed in the market, thus taking an important step towards improving the global environmental footprint.

By reintroducing high-value and, above all, energy-intensively produced electronic components into the market cycle, we promote resource-conserving production. This not only reduces the need for manufacturers to produce more, but also optimizes the use of goods already produced, significantly reducing the environmental impact and costs associated with disposal.

The Green Excess service thus represents a sustainable and financially attractive solution for companies that want to manage their inventories efficiently while making a positive contribution to reducing the global environmental footprint. With SAND & SILICON on your side, you can be assured of having a competent and trusted partner committed to maximizing your operational efficiency and promoting sustainable practices in the electronics industry. Our goal is to work with you and the industry as a whole to promote a resource-efficient and environmentally responsible production and operating culture.

We offer three different ways to dispose of your excess inventory: Purchase, Commission and Brokerage..

Option 1 - Direct purchase: We offer a direct purchase of your surplus electronic components. When you submit your surplus items in a total lot, we check the components item by item and evaluate which ones we can buy directly. Our purchasing department then inspects and evaluates the parts for sale. After a successful evaluation, we take them over at a fair price, so that you not only gain free storage capacity, but also have immediate access to liquid funds.

Option 2 - Commission Agreement: Under a commission agreement, we responsibly take over the storage of your surplus electronic components in our ESD-safe warehouse, effectively freeing up storage capacity for you. All relevant conditions and modalities are transparently defined in a specified commission agreement.

Option 3 - Global marketing: Do you want to sell your excess stock, but do not want to give it away, you can take advantage of our global marketing. We position your products in a qualified manner on the world market, which favors a speedy sale of your components. During this process, your components remain continuously in your possession, and we are sustainably committed to acquiring adequate buyers for you in the international environment.

Choosing between these options allows you to find a solution that meets your company's specific requirements. With SAND & SILICON you can be sure that your surplus electronic components will be handled professionally and responsibly.

Not enough space in the warehouse? It doesn’t have to be that way! Excess stock reduces your storage capacity and ties up your capital. Make space; we’ll show you the way! SAND & SILICON realistically assesses and quickly “liquefies” your surplus stock. We offer three options to dispose of your excess stock: Purchase, Commission and Brokerage..

Option 1 - Purchase
Purchase of your electronic components in bulk. For this type of capitalization, you collate your surplus items into one overall item. We examine and evaluate the components for sale and take possession of them at a fair price. In no time at all, you can create free storage capacity and have funds available immediately.

Option 2 - Commission agreement
Purchase on commission. SAND & SILICON takes over responsibility for storing your surplus electronic components and frees up storage space for you at once. Immediately after the sale of your goods, we will credit you with the income you have generated. The particulars are specified in a corresponding commission contract.

Option 3 - Brokerage
SAND & SILICON will act as a broker. If you would like to sell your excess inventory, but keep it in-house, we can offer you a brokerage service. The components are stored with you, and we identify potential buyers for you.

DESIGN-IN - new projects and redesign

Are you facing a new project or a challenge in the area of redesign?
Then you are in the right place with SAND & SILICON. At SAND & SILICON, we manage the entire process of communication with manufacturers, identify the best options, and facilitate the direct exchange of data and information. Our focus is on finding suitable manufacturers and supporting you throughout the entire process, ensuring that you always find the best solution with the highest quality standards.

Our services include:

  • Manufacturer Identification: We analyze your requirements and find the manufacturers that best fit your project.
  • Communication and Coordination: We handle communication with the manufacturers and coordinate the information exchange, allowing you to focus on your project.
  • Non-disclosure agreements: Your projects and data are secure with us. We enter into strict non-disclosure agreements to preserve your confidentiality.

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